Negar Mehr

Negar is an assistant professor in Aerospace Engineering Department. The focus of her research is to develop control algorithms that allow autonomous systems to safely and intelligently interact with each other and with humans.

Graduate Students

Maulik Bhatt

Maulik is a graduate student in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at UIUC. He is interested in leveraging game theory, stochastic control, and machine learning to enable robotic multi-agent interactions and safe motion planning. Previously, he graduated from IIT Bombay with an interdisciplinary dual degree. During his undergraduate, he worked in the area of state estimation using geometric control and variational principle.

Amogh Pandey

Amogh is a PhD student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UIUC. His research interests lie at the intersection of Game Theory, Optimal Control, Reinforcement Learning, and Machine Learning. Currently, he is working on the game-theoretic aspects of multi-agent inverse RL problems. Prior to this, Amogh completed his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University.

Onalli Gunasekara

Onalli is a PhD Student in the Aerospace Engineering Department. She is currently researching reach-avoid games and occlusion awareness for multi-agent systems, and her research interests lie in the areas of dynamic game theory and intelligent transportation systems. She is funded by a DoD NDSEG fellowship.

Kartik Nagpal

Kartik is a PhD Student in Aerospace Engineering. He recently graduated from University of Texas at Austin, where he developed a background in Optimization, Controls, and Orbital Mechanics. Now, his research is focused on the application of Autonomous techniques to Aerospace Engineering, with a focus on applying Machine Learning and Game Theory to multi-agent control problems. He is also interested in Inverse Games and Imitation Learning.

Kanghyun Ryu

Kanghyun is a PhD student in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He received his B.S in Aerospace Engineering at Seoul National University in 2022. His current research interests lie in optimal control, machine learning, robotics, and their intersection for safe learning and operation of autonomous systems.

Zachary Williams

Zach is an MS ECE student recently graduating from Texas A&M also in ECE where he did undergraduate research in finite elements for materials science applications. He is currently employed with Raytheon BBN Technologies as an Associate Scientist where he primarily do systems engineering and signal processing for advanced RF and SIGINT systems. His current interests lie at the intersection of robotics, machine learning, and communications.

Xiaoyu MA

Xiaoyu is an MS/PhD student in ECE at UIUC. His research interests lie at the intersection of controls and autonomy. During his undergraduate, he has worked in the areas of remote sensing and signal processing.

Randy Chen

Randy graduated with a B.S. in aerospace engineering in May 2022 and is currently a graduate student in the same department. His primary area of research is distributed trajectory optimization for multi-robotic systems..

Emma Clark

Emma is a graduate student studying Aerospace Engineering. She graduated with a B.S. in aerospace engineering from UIUC in December 2021. She also previously studied Engineering Physics at Western Illinois University. Her main interests are in autonomous controls systems for mobile robots, including human-robot interactions.

Undergraduate Students

Stephanie Dutra

Stephanie Dutra is a 4th year undergraduate student majoring in Aerospace Engineering and minoring in Journalism. She is interested in controls and autonomous systems, with the primary focus of human-robot interactions.

Jack Bouque

Jack is a junior in aerospace engineering with a minor in computer science. He is interested in controls, autonomous systems, and their application to robots and vehicles.

Joshua Trost

Joshua Trost is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. He is interested in the intersection of the two studies, specifically autonomous systems, controls, and machine learning in UAV environments..

Vikram Vadrevu

Vikram is a Sophomore studying Aerospace Engineering and minoring in computer science. His interests are Embedded Systems, Autonomy, Robotics, and Control systems.